Significant Cases

Plaintiff v. DOE Hospital:A 42-year old woman’s breathing tube became dislodged following surgery and she was deprived of oxygen, causing her to suffer a cardiac arrest and irreversible brain damage.

Plaintiff v. DOE Doctor:In the same case, it was alleged that the attending doctor negligently failed to re-intubate and ordered the wrong paralytic drug.

Plaintiff v. DOE Rehabilitation Hospital:Elderly woman recovering from stroke developed severe decubitus ulcers which required amputation of both legs.

Plaintiff v. DOE Property Manager:A woman fell walking down a ramp in a parking garage. Plaintiff proved the ramp was too steep and was a building code violation. Plaintiff suffered TMJ injuries which required surgery.

Plaintiff v. DOE Trucking Company:A man involved in a motor vehicle collision with a dump truck suffered a herniated disc in his lower back, which required surgery.

Plaintiff v. DOE Defendant:A female passenger suffered serious injuries in a high-speed, one-car rollover crash, including a ruptured breast implant.

Plaintiff v. DOE Property Manager:A female resident was sexually assaulted in the mailroom of her apartment complex.

Plaintiff v. DOE Church:A 2-year old boy was struck by a car and killed after wandering away from a church vacation bible camp.

Plaintiff v. DOE Defendants:Head-on collision resulting in multiple fractures of the foot, ankle, leg and knee, requiring surgical repair.

Plaintiff v. DOE Defendant:Head-on collision with drunk driver going the wrong way on a divided highway. Injuries included subdural hematoma and optical nerve damage.

Plaintiff v. DOE Defendant:A 6-year old boy was struck and killed by a motorist while crossing the street near elementary school.

Plaintiff v. DOE Defendant:A rear-end collision causing a herniated disc and low back surgery.

Plaintiff v. DOE Hit and Run Driver:A motorcyclist was hit by a hit-an-run driver and suffered multiple fractures of the leg, requiring surgery and external fixation.

Plaintiff v. DOE Electrical Sub-Contractor:Construction site accident. Electrocution caused a fall from a ladder and significant injuries.

Plaintiff v. DOE Dog Owner:Dog bite resulting in partial amputation of middle finger.

Plaintiff v. DOE Property Manager:Resident of condominium complex slipped on oil in parking garage and suffered lumbar disc herniation requiring surgical repair.

Plaintiff v. DOE Property Manager:A female resident fell in a hole in parking lot at apartment complex and broke her leg.

Plaintiff v. DOE Restaurant:Plaintiff suffered burn injuries of the esophagus after drinking iced tea contaminated with bleach used to clean the iced-tea dispenser at major restaurant chain.

Plaintiff v. DOE Homeowner’s Insurance Company:First-party bad faith insurance suit for failure to pay homeowner’s claim after burglary of the home.

Plaintiff v. DOE Corporation:Female employee of major restaurant corporation alleged sexual harassment by her supervisor.

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